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Campaigning and protest are crucial for democracy

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It is both timely and healthy that campaigning, lobbying and protest have taken centre stage again with political systems across Europe in perpetual crisis. A cursory glance at world history indicates that the powerful only yield when under mounting pressure. The end to slavery, suffrage for women and political equality for African-American community are mentioned as the most recognisable examples of this fact.

Bobby Sands’ legacy unfolding still in US Prison struggle

Bobby birthday- pic from US

Many Gaels and progressive activists throughout the world will be drawing inspiration and courage this week from the powerful memory of Irish hunger striker Bobby Sands as we commemorate 33 years since he gave his life for Irish freedom and a better world.

Campaigning a necessity to challenge state strategy of ‘divide and conquer’

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A combination of confusion, anger and despondency has taken root in the Irish language community over the past month as people digest the repercussions of the disastrous decisions taken by Foras na Gaeilge.

App Nua ar Fail – An Teach Mór

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The Latest interactive app from Oin Interactive is now available to download for free from the iTunes App store, This Irish Language app allows users to explore an interactive house where they can absorb the sounds and phrases commonly used in everyday Gaeilge life . Tweet

Real issues concealed by Talks industry in the north

Richard Haass and Meghan O

The year of 2014 commences with the political class in the north exposed as a laughing stock to any idle international journalist still showing an interest in this place. Terms like ‘dejá-vú’ and ‘groundhog day’ came to mind as we tried to make sense of the surreal society we reside in.

Pól Ruiséal ag caint ar ‘Language, Resistance and Revival’

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Caint a thug an tUas Pól Ruiséal, Stiúrthóir ar Ionad na Gaeilge Labhartha in Coláiste Ollscoile Corcaigh, agus é ag seoladh ‘Language, Resistance and Revival i Seomra Caidrimh an Ionaid ar 7 Samhain, 2013

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